Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Every weekend I look for places to go out of the city and see something new. Last week I had searched some place and decided visit Ramnagar...... a famous village from a legendary movie Sholay, but at last moment due to my health we couldn't go but then I decided to see the city and explore its beauty.

Sunday was a pleasant day and we left after having breakfast at around 11 am. +Bangalore City has many places to see, it is aptly known as city of gardens and has many art galleries, museums, malls to see. I don't like malls to hangout, its best only to shop. 

The first place we visited was -Bugle Rock, in +Basavanagudi. It is a massive rock with an estimated age of 3000 million years. This park is located in the back side of the +temple Bull, which is again a place to see. This temple is dedicated to Nandi bull, the vahana (vehicle) of Lord Shiva. Back to Bugle rock..... it is a lush green park with birds chirping incessantly, making you feel close to nature.


Inside park

The Bugle Rock

dear husband walking in park

Well, this is all about the Bugle rock park. In my suggestion one should visit this park, if you are not able to get out of city but still want to feel away from the daily busy life. After this we visited the +Bangalore Forts near KR Market and next to Victoria Hospital. There is no parking space for the people who come to visit the fort so we had to park our vehicle in victoria hospital parking space which is next to fort.

The Bangalore fort was built in the year of 1537 under Vijaynagar Empire. The Fort is located near one of the busiest and crowded market of Bangalore and thus no one can really make out that it is a fort.  It has a small board which says "BANGALORE FORT"  but it is not really visible due to the crowd. It is a small fort, but I wanted to see this as it is still a part of our city and its history.

Entrance gate of fort.

Not allowed to go this side.
Pattern at entrance gate
Gate - Door

The inside area

Look at the door....

After visiting the fort, we continued to see more of Bangalore and passed via KR Market. I have to admit that Indian Markets are full of colors which makes it attractive and I saw two foreigner trying to capture the KR Market and its color with their Iphones.

The Mosque in KR Market

City Townhall

Next destination was +CUBBON PARK. I have always passed by cubbon park and thought it is just an ordinary park where I have to park my vehicle outside and than go in but I was wrong. It is a huge park with an area of 300 acres. 

This is the city central library inside Cubbon park and it has wide collection of books. They do not sell books but if you take membership, you can issue book for a week to read and one can always come inside and read books and they does not charge anything. It is very quite inside, suitable for those who want to study.

Government Museum in Cubbon park, near to the UB City. This museum is established in 1865, and one of the oldest museum in India. It has collection of old historical rock carvings,  paintings, many more. Adjacent to the museum, their is an Industrial museum and Venkatappa art gallery.  

view of UB City from museum.

Government Aquarium, the second largest aquarium in India and is located in the entrance of Cubbon park near to MG Road. It has variety of exotic as well as ornamental fish on display. Some fish are very scary in their but its amazing at the same time. I was very happy by watching the fishes.

Two old car outside the government aquarium.

Inside Government Aquarium.

On the other side of Cubbon park, we saw +HIGH COURT and +vidhana soudha. These were also on my list to see because of their architecture. 

And at last to get energized we went to brigade road, +MG Road. This places are always happening, good place to hangout with friends, to eat and enjoy and of-course good place to shop for girls like me. 

The Sunday ended with a glass of draught beer in +Coco Grove, located in +Church Street Marketplace with a plate of Hawaiian chicken salad and chicken kathi roll. Their was a long silence between me and my husband due to tiredness. But when we started eating we were back again. It was a day........ I suggest to readers that sometimes, instead of going out of city, look inside the city, u might actually like being into it. 

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