Saturday, 22 June 2013


We all want to decorate our home in a glamorous and stylist way. Every individual's house and room has its own style and glam in it. A room tells about self to us without speaking a word. That is called the color language. 

Many people get confuse when they start decoration their rooms or house. Even some start filling the space  without knowing what exactly they want . As a result, the room looks very clumsy. As a decorator, here I'm sharing some of the ideas which will definitely help you to make your room into our own space.

Take inspiration from the 1950s, combine the wooden furniture with graphic prints in steel grey and mustard yellow --- Retro Living Room.

Striking prints like Amara design mix it with bold ikat, metallic highlight, and splash of intense yellow on a neutral sofa. Add dark wood or dark metal table with it --- Global Fusion Living Room.

Modern and traditional elements are perfect together in elegant trends with a palette of green hues with nature inspired prints --- Botanical Living Room.

Contemporary space with grey,while,black with a twist of pink or yellow and adding wooden furniture --- Graphic Living Room.

Bold colors, geometric or natural pattern with white, slate grey and wood effect around for --- Autumnal Living Room.

Classic furniture, luxurious finishes with addition of glass pieces and glitter embellishment --- Vintage Elegance Living Room.  

Give your space a rustic look with a warm wool arm chair and distressed finish furnishing --- Industrial Living Room.

Embrace colors in a combination of floral prints with floral upholstery for --- Blooms Living Room.

Refined color palette in subtle tones of lavender, grey, taupe, white in intricate glass design and classic craft material such as lace, crochet for --- Elegant Living Room.

A combination of Indian block prints, geometric patterns, flora prints gives a glorious mix of color, pattern, textures for --- Boho Living Room.

Choose shades from summery skies, team with white color then splash the colors with accessories for --- Vibrant Living Room.

Keep it simple yet stylist with a warm wool check fabric and plenty of cushions and throws for - Cosy Living Room.

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How did you find the Ideas ? Hope it will help you. Reply me your thoughts, experience,query. If you are finding problem to decorate your room, I'm here to answer your queries. And if you are planning to decorate your space and need a suggestion feel free to inbox me. :-)
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