Thursday, 20 June 2013


+Mysore is the heritage and cultural city of India and ever since I came to +Bangalore, I wanted to visit it. Finally the day has arrived when my co traveler said to me " Lets go to Mysore this weekend". I was super excited when we started in morning around 5 am. The road was too good to drive on it. On the way to Mysore there are many places to see, spend time and one of them is Wonderla. I have not yet been there but I will. Other then that I saw the direction for Innovative film city. While moving towards Mysore I also crossed Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary and Ramnagaram.

Around 7:30 am we reached Mysore and had our breakfast - Poori Sabji. After finishing our breakfast, we went to see +St.Philomena's Church, which was constructed in 1936. We went inside the church and attended the program for some time, then we came out .

St.Philomena's Church

Street of +Mysore 

Bylakuppe is approx 80 km away from Mysore. It was gradually becoming a sunny day and I wanted to reach asap. It was around 10 am when we reached the famous Buddhist Golden Temple, in Bylakuppe.

the Entrance Gate

the Inside Scene

Flora and Fauna

Kid Monk

The Market area near Golden Temple.

After seeing the Temple, we came back to Mysore. While coming back it was very hot and I was thirsty so we stopped in between and drank coconut water and believe it or not I drank water from almost 2 coconuts. It was 1:30 pm when we reached Mysore and we went to +Mysore Zoo. It is huge and we had to walk around 3 km to see the whole zoo. I was quite tired after seeing the zoo and then we went to a nice restaurant for lunch.

We went to Hotel Crystal Paark Inn for lunch at around 3:30 pm. Before ordering the food, I went to wash room to wash my face, after which I was feeling so relaxed, so was +Nilotpal Chakma and +sunil kumar pradhan. After that we realized that their lunch hour is over and our only option was in Chinese food so we ordered Veg Fried rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Baby corn curry and Russian veg salad. Food was good, and I would recommend one to go there and eat.

It was almost 5 pm when we left the hotel and went to see Mysore Palace. The reason we kept the +Mysore Palace to see at last because we wanted to see the lighting. One is not allowed to go inside the palace after 6 pm so we had an hour to go inside and admire its architectural beauty. Taking camera inside the palace is prohibited and neither one can take photos by phone. I was mesmerized by the beauty of interiors of the palace and I wished to stay there and run around with a flair ghagra and make sound with a payal :-). Behind the main palace, there is one more small palace of Tipu Sultan which is turned into a museum now. It has the collection of that era's furniture, sofas, utensils, swords and armory etc. I wanted to sit in that sofa and take a feel of royalty. When we came out of that palace, there are shops which were selling sandalwood products. And an Elephant was there, on which one can sit and enjoy. Then, we went to collect the camera and our shoes.

the Side View of Palace

Front View 

Flying pigeon

I enjoyed this trip a lot and had loads of fun.Total distance we covered was approx 450 km from home in the morning to back home in the night. By the end of the trip I was too tired. Suddenly the distance from Mysore to Bangalore seemed a lot to me. In between we stopped at Adiga's and KFC for dinner and it was late night when we reached back to Bangalore.

Mysore a must place to visit.


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