Friday, 14 June 2013


It is an exciting time when we move to a new house or when festival arrives. However, in most instances we want to do some changes, add new colors and our own character to it. The urge of redecorating, to changes makes us busy but I suggest to sit peacefully and observe the area and plan carefully first. 

The first step is to have a look how much you want or is available to spend. If you have a large property then analyze whether your budget is enough for entire house or not. And if the answer is no, then decide  which room need decorating and what item you require to achieve the desire look. Do a little browsing online or visit home decor stores in your city to get an    rough price of each item and room as a whole.

Mostly a  home maker decides to work with the drawing room, dining room, bedroom. Start working on the most important room first and do not let yourself distract by other rooms until it is complete. Otherwise you will likely to end up starting several rooms and without finishing any one of them. It is much more satisfying to get onto next room after finishing one completely.

It is very difficult to short list the products which are required to fill your space. Another great move is to decide the colors palate for the room. There are many websites which offer color trends for home section like and Also offer a lot of color options  with which you can see how your room will look after painting .  You can always choose wallpapers for your room rather than painting it and it is easier also. From your color palate, choose the colors for furnishing and curtains. At last you can go for buying furniture and decors for the room.

The last, but certainly most important factor to consider, is  bringing new products which means that you have enough space to arrange your belongings so that they are not covering unnecessary space. Go shopping this season and redecorate your space


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