Thursday, 30 May 2013


One Sunday morning we were up for trekking so we started at 7 am. The destination we chose was Manchanabele Dam and Savandurga. Both of these places very near to Bangalore and one can easily cover both the places in the  same day. It is  approx 60 km from Bangalore. To reach the destination we took Nice road and Mysore road. After going for around 35 kms in Mysore road,  we found a board showing the direction for Savandurga.

It is a narrow road which pass by a locality and followed by beautiful scenario but the road is still narrow and rough. And unfortunately we met with an accident. Lucky me that I controlled myself and did not cried when we were surrounded by local peoples. After resting there for 15-20  mins we started again. The journey wasn't as fun for me after accident as it was in morning when we started. But as we reached Manchanabele dam, i was speechless.

The place is very quiet and we didn't saw much people also. So one can spend as much time as they want  here. For me this place will be  one of my secret place where I would like to spend quality time with my hubby. After spending time we started for Savandurga. In between we stopped in a small village where we had our brunch. We had idly and sambar and I can say I have never seen that much big idly yet in my life. After we finished eating we came across a hospital where we stopped for my first aid and tetanus. Then we started and the road was not as good so we had to maintain our speed limit and soon we reached Savandurga....

While climbing the hill,it  was looking so scary that I actually gave up and didn't wanted to go but I had chosen the place so I had no other option but to climb it.

The surface was slippery in some area and I gave up  3-4 times while climbing but then I was forced into it. At last when we reached the top and the view............. no words.

After resting there for half an hr we decided to get down and getting down was much more scary than getting up but it was worth it. After that we were returning home and we forgot the route and went in some other route but fortunately we saw the big Banyan tree. 

I remembered the trip because I completed it with the pain I had in my knee due to accident. By the time we reached back to Bangalore it was 4 pm. We had lunch at Hyderabadi Biryani in Bannerghatta road. After reaching home we took a nap. Next day life begun with office and so on.


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