Saturday, 15 June 2013


I love surprise, I doubt who doesn't.. Well if it is a birthday surprise then what to say. Well my b'day is in next 10 days. I spend my whole time trying to think, what is my husband up-to for my b'day or how am I going to spend my day? Well I have a lot of plans but don't know which one will materialize. 

It reminds me of my husband's b'day last year. I know it is kind of late to write about but it is one of my good memories which I want to share. I always get excited to plan and give surprise to others and all I wait is to see their impromptu face. He had his office a day before as well as on his b'day so I had a limited time to celebrate and surprise him. 

I wanted to make the place cozy and nice so I had chosen the big balcony area for decoration. I went to +Daily Bread  to get the cake and I strictly gave certain instruction for the decoration of cake. Then I went to +HyperCITY  to get candles and balloons and also the items I would be requiring for preparing dinner. 

I have already made plan with a friend so that he calls my husband out and keep him busy till midnight and so it happens. And when they returned, this is how we celebrated ......

the ambiance

Apart from Vat 69, rest was all prepared by me. And I got tired while cooking but it was worthy when we were living in that moment. Had a great time with Love # Friend # Food # Drink # Celebration.

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