Friday, 24 May 2013


I am very much excited to share about this one trip. One Friday night we were discussing about beaches and land up deciding for +Pondicherry  while shopping. And next day before sunrise we started for the destination, 4 people and 3 bikes. The journey was perfect via Hosur road to Krishnagiri,

and it became rough when we took NH 66 and it became smooth again when we were some 50 km away from Puducherry. The weather during the journey was unpredictable. It was sunny day but out of nowhere it started raining. Through out the journey it rain for 3-4 times and we had to stop .

We stopped many times due to the rain, at last around 2 pm we reached and it was delight when we were standing in front of +Pondicherry  gate and it was heavy raining. As I have read in book that Pondicherry is best to visit in its rainy season.

Sooner the water was inside the city and we managed to pass that and first places we wanted to see was Marine line of Puducherry.We enjoyed the view then we started looking for hotels to stay. Hotel Sun Park is just the place we wanted to live in. Its near to the marine line and very close to market area. It does not gives a good view but its makes you cozy enough. We all were charged up for exploring the city, it was already dark on that time so we wanted to get some boos. The +Asian House is the place if you have money to spend and enjoy music and they do night club also on weeknds, its located near by marine line and loved the food. 

 After liquids, its time for solid and foodie stomach does not satisfy so we went Appachi to eat. Its an Indian cuisine restaurant so we had rice and dal and chicken. Then we roamed in the city for a while.Next day we had our breakfast in Bon Bakes which is just below the hotel Sun Park and we had some sandwich and some milk shake which they served with a lays chips as complimentary.

After the breakfast we went to explore the city and places.

 For +Paradise Beach......

The light house.......

Well, Puducherry has definitely a lot more than these pictures and every one has their own way of fun in their. Its a lot more to share but I guess I am gonna keep limit to these pictures. These were our two nights and a day in Puducherry. Next day we started to hit back to Bangalore covering +auroville utopie, a Pondicherry trip does not complete if you miss to see +auroville.

Its a peaceful place where u will find foreigner who comes here to meditate. At this place we heard a wind chime bell music which is soft and was wondering where it comes from, after a search we found out that its a wind chime hanged in a tree and it create sound due to wind.

We had breakfast their , they serve bread and anything you like with it. 

I super liked this man because he had our flag in his hat as decoration. After eating, we looking the surroundings and they have few boutique which sell handicraft stuffs and the prices are quite worthy because govt do not add taxes in Pondicherry so I did some shopping for my home like candle set of different shapes and hat. 

After shopping we went to the museum and from their we started for Auroville. You get buses which will take you their but we preferred walking.

After this we started for our home and while coming back we changed the route and came via +Vellore City. And I have to admit that this route is far way better than NH 66 route. The road was awesome. 3 bikes were riding not less than a speed of 100 and it offer great views of mountains, totally loved it. This route definitely added some more hours in you time duration but, through out the ride we were not tired. We took a break at +McDonald's and ate dinner. It was night by the time we reached back to home and next day was office but this trip was worth to remember.

If you haven't been to Pondicherry, I hope these pictures will temp you to go their.
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