Saturday, 26 October 2013

green green nd green ---- WAYANAD

A nature beyond comparision, lies in Nilgiri,
in the "God's own Country" - WAYANAD.
 If you got bored with your city life, then it is the place to go. 
Birds chirp instead of traffic noise, 
hill view instead of buildings.
Me and my husband covered this trip in bike, d most adventure part.

I am in Love with this place, so will u by the end of this post,
so go on......
South India is  full of hills and nature so the journey  was full of surprises.

After crossing Gundlupet, the jungle route started and we passed by a dense forest, and all we heard was  chirping of birds . We had  encounters with deer, monkey, peacock and elephant but I wished to see a Tiger or a Lion or something more. 

We had decided to stay in Kalpetta and by the time we reached, it was raining in there.
We checked in at  Royal Palm Resort  and took rest.
I recommend this resort to every people who are going to Wayanad,
as this is the best place to stay, hardly half a km from main road and market place,
no traffic noise in its surroundings, its all green .
The room  packages were flexible & the staff were very humble and cooperative ;they will guide you to  every tourist spot with their route map. I must tell you my experience, when we were in Wayanad, for some reason all the petrol bunks were on strike and we were out of petrol and the resort staff helped and arranged petrol for us, for which I am still thankful to them.

Next day early at 6:00 am we went to see Lakkidi View point,
which is 17 km from our resort.

Isn't this view  like heaven ? Truly,God's own Country.
I recommend the best time to see this view is in the morning because there is no clouds at this point of time

After this view we went back to our resort to have breakfast.
After breakfast we went to Chembra peak for trekking. 
You can see more information in here.
Chembra peak is the highest peak in Wayanad and we decided to climb it. So by the information I had collected, we went to forest office first to get the pass for trekking,
without which you are not allowed to trek.

 wanna walk ?

tired ? take a rest 

still a lot to climb...

die for the view

     finally we reached  ....
the world looks small.

listening to my favorite songs with the addition of wind in the background ,
together it makes a great music. 

a heart shape lake in the hill,
you can see this only in 
God's own country. 
another lake ....

Finally I would like to thank our trek guide, who encouraged me when I got tired. This is his way of earning and he treks once a day and he is doing this from past 10-15 years. 
Pretty tough... 

By the time we finished trekking and climbed down, it was 3:00 pm and we were starving so we had lunch and went back to resort. During my stay at Wayanad, it rained every evening. So I stayed inside the resort and enjoyed the environment..

Next day --- Tea plantation day.
Wayanad is full of tea  and coffee plantations, so we decided to take a tour .

 tea leaf covering the land of Nilgiris...
Next destination was Banasura sagar dam and near  this dam and close to nature,
a perfect place to stay here.

A natural dam lies in  between hills.

Every start has a end, so our trip too.
And every end leads to a new start,
So definitely I am going there  again
to relax and  admire nature.
With old memories, to make some new............

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