Saturday, 19 October 2013


I love colors, who doesn't ? Especially bright Neon. 
This season, neon is the color which I can see everywhere.
So apart from clothes, I am adding neon to my interiors.

Perfect door, which catches attention in  first look.
The door is visible from far and no one can stop looking at  it.

When you add some neon  in the photo wall gallery,
 its becomes the centre of attraction.

Doesn't require to keep flower in the vase,
this vase has its own color and looks pretty.

Hang neon on the wall. 

A perfect corner.

for the dining area.

Make your study room glamorous with neon pink study table.

Get neon paper from stationery shop,
make DIY hangers to
 make your own little dazzling store.

Simply wow bedroom with the combination of 
Neutral and Neon.

I am definitely adding neon to my interiors,
 Where you are adding it ?

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