Wednesday, 3 July 2013


A lounge restaurant in the 13th floor of +Barton Center in +MG ROAD, which offers a great panoramic view of Bangalore city skyline. My hubby and me visited this place this past weekend and we truly had an amazing evening over there. When we stepped inside the restaurant, my first reaction was "WOW". The ambiance is great and there will be no second thoughts if you  head there with your love interest.
Food was as fantastic as the ambiance. I happened to read a few comments about the place before going there and one gentleman had recommended the Stuka as a must try. So, we started dinner with Beer and Stuka with Vietnamese Bun Cha Skewers.  For the main course it was Mallca Roti Jala and Curry of Prawns and Thai Chilly Garlic Noodles. Mallca Roti is not a regular roti, it is like a net which is layered and given the  shape of rectangle. I would definitely recommend this Malaysian dish.The food we ordered there was spicy and we enjoyed it thoroughly. At last for the dessert we had Citrus Cream,which melted instantaneously as we had it.

Stuka & Beer

Vietnamese Bun Cha Skewers

Mallca Roti Jala

Citrus Cream

D View

I hope you visit the restaurant and try the food ;you will not regret it.

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