Saturday, 6 July 2013


At first  I wanted to buy painting for my home , but the paintings in art galleries are quite expensive and at that time Nilop,my hubby asked me " why don't you paint something ? ".  So here I am showcasing my work . It is very easy to do and I think anyone who has a free time can do it at home, instead  of buying expensive paintings. For this all you need is Canvas, Colors, Brush, Pencil, Eraser.You can buy canvas from any stationery stores like +Reliance TimeOut , +Staples, +Odessy etc. As per your liking,you can buy respective sizes. Even for colors there are many options available in market.For me, I like to work with poster colors.

Thus with the help of pencil you can start drawing in the canvas. It is difficult to achieve the exact shape  and proportion at first  so you can keep trying it. But keep in mind the drawing should be light so that it can easily get erased. After the sketch gets finalized, start painting with colors. Well you can opt any color you want like I had chosen Red, Blue, White and Black. And here is my painting ready.

If anyone interested in knowing more, pls feel free to contact me...

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