Saturday, 17 May 2014


Sunday Soul Sante, love to pronounce this word as it sounds very artistic. Well if you haven't been to this place then you will not understand what I mean. Last Sunday i.e. 11th May , I was confused where to go, there were two main events happening in  Bangalore , one was the IPL match between Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals and second the Sunday Soul Sante.
And I chose to go to Soul Sante as it was the finale for the season and it will go in  hibernation for few months till winter. This time it was at ITPL cricket ground, Whitefeild. 

There is no words to describe the kind of feeling which I felt when I visited Soul Sante.
 The factor which attracts me towards Bangalore Sunday Soul Sante is the kind of atmosphere it has in the air; full of energy, happiness, fun, music ,creativity, art,and  uniqueness.
There were stalls from food to fashion to fun, art to accessory. Every stall was different from the other. I have never seen such a place in Bangalore where I can see so many 
creative people and art lovers.
I saw a lot of street fashion at Sunday Soul Sante, which I haven't seen much in Bangalore. Maxi dress, shorts, short dress, palazzo pant and jumpsuit were everywhere. 

If you love Bangalore and haven't been to Sunday Soul Sante then 
you are not a true Bangalorean. 
Visit Sunday Soul Sante next time 
to fall in LOVE all over again . 

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