Friday, 21 March 2014

I WAS IN MUMBAI.............AGAIN.

                                                             City of dreams... Mumbai.
                                       I have no idea where to begin and what to write about . 
                          Every one have their own words to express about this city. Most people whom
                                      I have came across are in love with this city but I was not so far . 
                                    This time I had a different experience and I wanted to stay here, 
                                    probably because I was staying inside the IIT Mumbai campus.

                                           A place filled with greenery ,free from traffic noise 
                               and plenty of space to breath in Mumbai is like a bonus point to love this city. 
                                          I really loved exploring the campus and feeling it.

After exploring the inside of the campus, 
you can explore the outside surrounding of the campus. 
IIT Campus has many points to explore like:
Hill view, Lake view and few more.

 Now I have a whole new reason to fall in love with this city. 

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