Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Anthargange @ KOLAR

Hello, I really want people to ask me "how was your weekend ?" because I had a great great and great weekend. Trekking and cave exploration at midnight and above all the bonus was I got to sleep on a rock under open sky of stars; totally loved it.

Anthargange is a beautiful rocky hill range, which is about 1226 mtrs high in Kolar. This place has a lot of caves formed out of rocks.

We started at around 9:30 pm from Lifestyle, Magrath Road with a bunch of other groups and reached Anthargange around 11:00 pm. We started the trekking at around 11:45 after sharing some experience and introducing to each others.

on the way to up

the Anthargange temple...

the birds eye view @ mid night

Well, in approx of 45 mins to an hour we reached on top. Trekking wasn't really tiring and sweaty, thanks to the cool & windy weather. We took rest while climbing up because of the big group 30 people and some of them were panting. 

Cave exploring was my favorite part to remember, well I was nervous at first stage and excited on the same time. At some portion, the space between rocks was so narrow that I actually thought that I will never gonna make it or I will be stuck like the protagonist does in the movie "127 Hours" then I have to cut my hand or something, funny yet scary.

the cave from inside and you have to pass through this

and its me of course with my husband

It was around 3:30 am when we came out of the cave and went upstairs of the hill. By the time we reached the top and settled, it was 4:15 am so we were not really sleepy so we were just enjoying under the open sky with starts, watching the moving clouds and trying to visualize the shapes of an animal or an object formed by the cloud, trying to remember the name of the starts and its shape, which we had read in the school days. It reminded me of my childhood days. Lovely moment.

Soon it was morning and we were waiting to see the Sun....

when the Sun was about to rise

this is how you get to sleep after night trekking

that's how you get to see the Sun, in morning

the surrounding where we had spent our night.

After the Sunrise, we came down and I felt my legs were shivering. The harder it was while going up, the easier it was while coming down. 

this is how a monkey ride a bike

a mosque at Anthargange

When the bus started, I have no idea when I fall sleep. We had our breakfast on the way back. It was around 9:00 am when we reached the city and they dropped us where we had started. 

on the way back

For this great trip, I would like to thank BMC for organizing such event. This was the first time for me with BMC so I am looking forward for more. And yes a thanks to the instructor. It was a great meeting to other people too, I don't remember anyone's name. 


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